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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
We did met up for a reunion gathering at Genting last April... its kinda old and its a reunion for Wen Kie coz his going 2 Russia!....here are the pictures...

Li Mae n Her Muffins!
Wen Kie Brushing his teeth on the bed lol!

My Jie jie's Posing =p ! hahaha ...
Not forgetting this pic =p LiMae and her Bf...
Our Group Photo =p...

Wen Kie Peeing =p Fake 1

all main with Handphone only!

Waiting for their ice Creamszz =p
Haha not forgetting Li Mae with her Dare! she was spelling words with her ass all around genting lol... hahahah crazeeness!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

hahah i saw this From Eli's website so i wana sty it out and this is the results of how i look like...
zzz so far different from the ori pic.... Below is the pic i posted to get my simpson's character =p lol. Dont ask much bout the pic below its for My Passport and etc stufzz.. hahah Blur look!

Left his Footsteps @ 3:12 AM

A random shot i took at Bukit Cahaya Last year. didn't get to post it up since i gave up on blogging last year. The sun Shine gave cool effects in the morning

A dragon Fly which TT tried to catch many times!

Me Reaching the top of the Mountain! ("it was just some rock i stand on")

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Its finally done!,
actually i did copy and paste the Coding from Some Blogger Website... didn't want to waste more time editing and bla bla bla... Its a new beginning for a new year for me! Gona start Blogging ASAP when im free...
FYI i have Started My Computer Science course! hahaha at last! i thought it would be rather fun meeting up with new friends and other Great stuffz to learn! But mana tau Potong sTeam when i got to buy My First 1300 pages Programming 1 book... Haigh! and i got 2 read up 2 chapters this week!

Anyway went out with TT and IGGY with his SUPER DUPER NOISY FAST CAR! HIS BEETLE Car! The most loudest car ive ever heard! Trust me when u thought u heard a Lorry Past By PJS 7 Area its not a LORRY its IGGY's CAR! This is a decent picture of how his car really look like! AND the most Funny Part of it all, Is when were at SS15 and a Small Cute Girl STARTED LAUGHING AT HIS CAR! Wah lau weh we started laughing our ass out! That so RANDOM! small girl + Laughing + AT iggy's CAR = Laugh like Hell!
This is how is Frigging old Car looks like... not so Accurate la but something like that. No seatBelts wan weh! hahah Scary!Potential Car For racing and Drifting! hahaha! Sorry Iggy for Critising ur car! but its the true fact!

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