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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Vy Lynn's Birthday bash on the 20th Last Saturday
N happy Birthday 2 Vi Lynn!!!
"sorry i dont have ya pic!"

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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Why woman always gets their priority and guys don't?
Its always a never ending topic! so here goes!
"inspired by some junk emails"

Why do Woman live longer?

"Who would be so stupid 2 do that when ur driving a porsche?"

What would women do with their hands?

"Thats what women do best by spending all their money!"

What would men do with their hands?

"Wtf? his dad must have been to Free!"
"at least we dont spend our money xDDD!!"

Why are guys not attractive?

"Why must they put Fat ass guys pictures?"
"They can put my pic rite xD!"

If u girls are looking @ guys on that point of view then:
Why girls are not attractive?

"The answer why! xD!!!"

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Heres some pictures of my Phone made panoramic pictures... coz i was jealous why ppl wana do panoramic picturess XDDD!!
Mickey me XD!
Just to show u how big is our lecture rooms!
very small hor?

This i one of the most cursed lecture rooms!!!!
Its a place where u can SLEEPP xDDD!!

And this is what u do when lectures are so boring!! XD! hahahah

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Good news!!! price of the prom nite will be at RM65 only!!! XDDDD!
im just passing the message! if ur going bring me along!!! XDDD
Click on the pic 2 view their link and info !!!

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the continuation of some technical error... picx taken by me

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hmmm now to the Moments where my sisters wedding!!!! so slowly enjoy the pix!

pics from this point off is taken by Photographer Kok Weng
More to come!! stupid Blogger dont let me upload pictures today!! XD

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Now to my other Clubbing moments that is on the 11th this month! i know i know im turning into a Clubber additct! and an alcoholic! but who cares XD! live life to the FULLEST XD!!!!

The blurr moment of me sitting on the floor wondering where was i...

Clubber chick jamie and me the faded 1 behind XD!

I know im a vain pot so i displayed a huge VAIN POT tittle there XD!

Me pauline and carl the heavy smoker!

Left his Footsteps @ 12:07 PM

Anyway ive just changed my blog skin since the old wan was kinda "RUSTIC" inspired by TT..

ahahaha so aight this is it? XDDD!! and ok im gona start blogging back since its been
months and months not touching this site! so im going to REVIVE this baby back XD!! hahaha
have fun looking trough!

Went clubbing the other nite with pauline, jamie, carl and wanli and her friend mandy @ Maison again!... it was an Awsome nite together! Sweat brought us together! hahaha It was freaking
hot on the dance floor and babes were dancing everywhere! ish ish i didnt get hold of any
babes! but i did get my self to a kinda HIGH stage where alcohol is Still not enough 4 me that nite! hahahah XD!!! and guess who i met there? i met dilian! the girl that used to play
basket ball with years years ago and kinda good friend last time... haven keep in touched with her for years! anyway here are the picx! have fun!

Owh ok!! this is the part where im still sober! XDD while the others are like DRUNK XDD! the dance floor is HOT! XD

Anyway carl is my course mate and classmate for some of the subjects! his a Hardcore alcoholicXD beware!! just kidding!! hahahaha his a person where u will never get bored talking to him XD! hahahaha AkA Crapper...

And heres a pic of Dilian.. i didnt know shes in the same campus as i am rite now... hahahahah!!

Wan Li!!! the chick that dances without her shoe the other day XD! poor thing! hahaha next time wear sliper only ler XD no one will look at ur shoe at the dance floor XD!

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Not that Rustic anymore huh XD! hahahah XD!

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Born on the 2nd of Dec 1988
Previous schools: SRK Bandar Sunway, SMK Bandar Sunway, Taylors Coll SJ,
Taylors Pee Jay Now Currently in RMIT Melbourne
A student of Computer Science..Im an energetic Crazy and friendly fella n would do anything to be crazy =)!

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