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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Trip to the Butter+Fly park/farm...

We found the park/farm even though from the map it stated 1km to the farm but it took us like 10-15 min walk there.. great place inside! but u will eventually get bored walking in circles!
Cost of going all the way to butterfly farm
from Subang wasn't that expensive at all =)
Ktm from Subang to KL station = RM1.70 per trip
walking distance from KL station to the Farm = 15min
Entrance fee for the butterfly farm = RM8 "darn exspensive" (not worth it!)...
bring-ing ur camera into the farm = RM1 "must they charge?" *can tipu larh this 1...

u will be sweating all over the place inside the park/farm coz its dammm stuffy inside there...
Butterfly's attacks ur head if u have a smelly hair xD! NOT ME xD! hahahahaha

AND YESSS thanks to DARREN for driving to the KTM station! * he insisted to b mentioned*

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Random-ness of pictures i took..
Aww u should have seen how these police man drove their Proton wira chasing school kids! damm they were like VROOOMMMM , and brake hard... that made me took my camera out and see whats happening =)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Walking around Sunway Pyramid @ 2AM in the morning =)

Try to spot me in this picture! I see a ghost in this picture wei! xD! SCARY! XD!
I dont know how my evil twin turn up sitting next to me ... SCARYYY!!!

Fine Dining =) Jamie's Serving
Ingredients to create the Perfect Desert!
First add lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots of SUGAR! " its a Super Fattening Desert "
Then turn the pan here and there ...
Add alcohol into it and BOOM! luckily didn't burn her hair xD! hahaha!
Then turn and turn so the fire will slowly calm down =)
The results of the fire show u get this xD! hahahah Guess whats that XD!

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Monday, January 21, 2008
Im Beginning to Rot at Home!
Bloody hell! Drunkards were behind my house at 4am! making hell lot of noise like hitting their car, throwing empty glass bottles on the road! i really wanted to call the police =). But arh nevermind! wasting my time only. so i sneaked into my kitchen and took a few pictures, but yarh! it was too dark! wanted to use the flash! xD! but GILA! if i did that i think they will start throwing Their glass alcohol bottles into my house =(... Sleepless nite =(...
Was wondering why she was pulling the leaves from the tree... i thought she was grabbing something else instead but it was LEAVES she was grabbing. haha any yeah i was spotted, but i dont think she saw me holding a camera =).
Picture below taken with my Polaroid sunglasses lens =)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
DAVES DELI @ Subang Parade

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Holidays are driving me nuts xD!
Wut the? hahahah! boy tries to clim up the slide...

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