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Monday, July 28, 2008
Missin' my NephewIts been 3 weeks here already and it feels like months ive been here.. time flies very fast when my family are far away from me... and im missing the Small fella that always cry when i scare him =P... hopefully he could recognize me when i come back to Malaysia... Sis told me he could SCREAM so loud till his driving my sister up the wall =P... haha anyway back to my Dream land b4 i wake up and cook my dinner... Cheers!

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Livin' In Ausie, Melbourne
My Small Box where all the thoughts are being processed and its where i Oink Oink! hahaha... its Aprox $200 per week including electricity and Limited amount of air circulating the apartment! =(. And things in Australia is very Pricy! it makes u think twice before purchasing anything... but sooner or late u've got to live with it so u've seen my CRIB! so now its ur turn to give me a tour of ur place! anyway thanks alot to Pauline, Amber & the gang for the lovely gift! im grateful to have friends like like u guys/girls =)... dont miss me! i will be back really soon! and To My MAMAK Kaki's i will be back for mamak session!

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Monday, July 21, 2008
HDR Image Of Melbourne...

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Friday, July 18, 2008
Melbourne Part2... Macro Shots of food that i use to cook my dinner... let me show u my dinner =P i know its delicious =P... home made recipe..

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UPDATESS!!! I've finally reach Melbourne! sorry for the slow slow delay in updating my blog.. kinda lazy these days and life in Australia is kinda happening coz the weather here is rather cold.. but i keep on counting the exchange rate here in Ausie that is 3times Ringgit Malaysia and all the food are like one to one here... For Example Mc D is the same price as malaysia but 3 times more expensive... anyway here are some pictures i took in Melbourne recently... so enjoy =)

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Previous schools: SRK Bandar Sunway, SMK Bandar Sunway, Taylors Coll SJ,
Taylors Pee Jay Now Currently in RMIT Melbourne
A student of Computer Science..Im an energetic Crazy and friendly fella n would do anything to be crazy =)!

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