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Friday, January 30, 2009
Halal!Does this mean that there are other Toothpaste brands that are not halal?... erm and how do u consider Halal on a Toothpaste? =P...

Anyway luck wasn't been on my side this year =(!!!! i Ter-kena Mild Dengue!!! on CNY!!!! and i didn't get to go back to my home town! things aren't going well with me also life just sux at the moment! And im about to leave back to melbourne on the 9th of Feb and its a week away!... Time really flys fast! and i might be back next year only? who knows i will be coming back in between! if im rich enough lar xD! im still so poor =(...

Sorry! sometimes i get overhand and ruined ur day =(... it was never ment to be. and sorry for FFK-ing =(... also not under my control xD! hahaha... So far i had a great holiday back to malaysia! Im going to miss THE FOOD, CLUBBING, BATANG-FEST-ING n hanging out too but im no going to miss the Crappy stupid card game that ruin my love for Soya bean,Sugar Cane,Shandy,Ice Tea!

And yes im moving on!!! thank u buddies for being there to listen to my crappy stories and giving me solutions on what i should do =)! i owe ya'll alot alot! Thank u,Thank u,Thank u,Thank u,Thank u,Thank u! U know who u are so pat ur self harder and u should be proud that u save me from all my emoing sessions! hahaha! anyway i will still be around to bugg u more and more each day " Why u so emo? ".

So if u pitty me pls pls do come down to melbourne and visit me! i will be there to bring u around and then leave you at the roadside! xD!

Lastly! Im gona miss all of you!! please do keep in touch =)

Thats the end of my emo note... xD!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009
Bird Park Kay Elle!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Penang Penang Penang!Penang trip was awwwwwwwsome! besides the makan makan part lar! I really did not have enough food for me xD! Played Zho Dai Tee Just to see who gets to sleep on the bed, kicking each other! and all sorts of things.Even things that i thought will go wrong but instead it went well =)... we should plan for more outings ppl! hahaha xD! Now Syafiq has left to UITM melaka TT has classes, Pau has Classes, GM also missing, iggy missing in his own world... haha! i guess this ends here!

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Friday, January 09, 2009
Off i go !!!!!!!Will be on a road trip with me classmates 2 Penang! SUN, SEA, BEACH!, SAND, FOOD 'n' more FOOD! haha will be back on Sunday =)

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Monday Night Market @ SS2The Fat Apam Baliks! =pThe Slimmer versions of Apam BaliksTAKOYAKI'sClassic Kaya Balls! You got to eat it fast b4 it gets soggy =p... hahahaDogs Spotted for sale at the night market. Cute little ones but really scary owner =p hahaha... its kinda expensive to own one of this buggers but yea they look adorable =P...

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Monday, January 05, 2009
Dinner @ KepongKepong's Famous Chee Yok Yuin Fun =)... yum yum!!

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Middle of the night @2-3am out for Tembak-menembak with TT.

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Friday, January 02, 2009
GOOD Bye 2008! Hello 2009!End up! Every where is still Jamm!!! Happee new yeaR!!!!

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